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Classic Review: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

For the mere epicness of Lawrence of Arabia, it deserve to be put among the greats. After seeing this one not too long after Gone With the Wind, I now picture Lawrence the manly version of GWtW. We have huge locations, massive attacks, and even some explosions.

Larence of Arabia follows the majority of real life British military figure T.E. Lawrence and his endeavors in wartime. In a storyline that made me think of Avatar, Lawrence finds himself closely embedded within Arabs in their fight against the Turks. Of course, his alliences are questioned, as he grows more “Arabian-like” even going as far as wearing a robe at all times. His legacy is shown; good and bad, no matter how different he lived.

First things first, this is a long movie. Which is my biggest beef with the film. The all-male speaking cast fills over 3 hours, clocking in at 216 minutes. Besides that, it is a pretty classic movie, amongst the top of the “epic” movies along with Gone with the Wind and Ben-Hur. Really no other complaints aside from the length. Good overall cast (Hey! It’s Obi Wan!), great action scenes, and a classic score.

My Rating: A


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