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Review: Gomorrah (2008)

Not the biggest fan of mafia movies, but hey, why not give this Italian “critically acclaimed” Gomorrah a try?

Gomorrah weaves together five stories of various people living in Italy’s mafia driven neighborhoods. The Camorrah is controlling everything, which brings violence, money, threats, and a whole bunch of movie things. The plot isn’t so much important, as the situation simply escalates. There were problems before the film, and there will be more after the credits roll. Gomorrah simply shows you a small window into how all of the drugs and crime affect the individual persons.

Gomorrah is one of the movies that, for me, was hard to follow the subtleties of the plot. I got the main idea, but the little things were really hard to follow at first viewing. What I did really like about this one was when the spotlight turned to the young people. Especially 13-year old Toto. The movie was most powerful when we were about to catch a glimpse at what these kid’s futures could very well be, and how the culture makes it look glamorous, even when their gut tells them to run.

My Rating: B-


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