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Coming Soon: Carrie


By now, you’ve probably heard that the Brian DePalma horror classic Carrie is being remade with Chlo√ę Grace Moretz in the titular role (replacing Sissy Spacek). The first poster has been released, and looks very similar to the Thor teasers. My problem with the poster is that a fan made poster that made the rounds a little back, and it makes this official poster look like crap. The first teaser trailer also dropped recently, as you can see below. Carrie, starring Moretz and Julianne Moore hits theaters Spring 2013.


All New Everything for The Lone Ranger

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I’ve been hearing a lot about the bird headed Johnny Depp film The Lone Ranger since it was first greenlit. It had to lower its budget significantly since, but all of that is behind it now. The teaser poster (above) ties in both Depp’s bird motif and the aforementioned Ranger’s signature mask covering¬† Armie Hammer eyes. While the first trailer looks pretty much what you’d expect from a Disney-Gore Verbinski venture. Check it out:

Posters: Minimalism Is The Way

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If you haven’t seen a minimalist poster by now, you need to. With the rise of the “floating head” and mashups of scenes from the movie featured on a film’s poster, sometimes it’s nice to see the movie represented in a more abstract way. Using famous scenes, icons, and characters from the movie, minimalist posters have popped up all over the internet. I’ve been collecting my favorites for a little bit now from sites like Minimalist Movie Posters, and now I want to show them off.

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Posters: The Dark Knight Rises

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With only a few months to go until its release on July 20, the marketing team behind Christopher Nolan’s trilogy ending Dark Knight Rises has been extra busy. Not only did they release the new poster (seen above), they also released 3 separate character posters for the US and for International movie-goers. PLUS: we also got 4 new banners (perfect for facebook’s timeline feature, if I do say so myself.

With the above poster leaving me wanting more (it’s the first teaser poster with fire and Batman), the US character posters really knocked it out of the park. The marketing for this film, has been completely different than say, Prometheus, but I believe is still top notch. Only gets me more excited to see how it all goes down in Gotham.

See all the posters after the jump.

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Trailer + Poster for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The long awaited return of Peter Jackson to Middle Earth is finally almost here. After directing the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Jackson is back for more, beginning the first of a two-part retelling of The Hobbit. The first trailer came out this week, with the poster release not far away.

The Avengers Hype is Continuing

The hype machine for the April 2011 release of the mega ensemble super hero movie, The Avengers isn’t stopping anytime soon. Along with the recently released trailer for the ultimate comic book movie, we also got some more posters with some slightly airbrushed heroes. Look the larger versions and trailer to your nerdy hearts content, after the jump.

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Your Superhero Roundup

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Well, the teaser trailer’s for The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises have been released, but nerds everywhere still have more to look forward to. First of, we get our first look at Henry Cavill’s version of Superman in Man of Steel (2013) as he continues the tradition of guys in tights be dark and mysterious.

Second, Anne Hathaway may not be Catwoman (Dark Knight Rises 2012) here, but her Selina Kyle costume may be close.

And finally we see all of the Avengers (2012) together in this massive poster from Marvel

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