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Review: The Naked Gun (1988)

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In my mind, The Naked Gun is sort of the Citizen Kane of the “stupid spoof movie”. We’ve been so dumbed down by the likes of “Epic Movie”, “Date Movie”, and “Meet the Spartans” that I didn’t really know what to think of The Naked Gun before I saw it. Is it stupid? Yes, extremely, but that doesn’t make it an automatic terrible movie.

The plot, which is obviously second to the gags is that of Police Squad member Frank Drebin (Leslie Nelson) and his attempts to not only clear his partner’s name (OJ Simpson), but to stop an assassination attempt of the Queen. Throughout the movie, we get slapstick gags, visual jokes, and other shenanigans. Some are smart, and others are as about as dumb as possible. Some might be repulsed by Nelson landing between the legs of the Queen, but don’t we get away from all of the serious dramas every now and then?

My Rating: B+


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