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Review: Alice (1988)

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The only reason I even heard of 1988’s Alice is due to the book “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”. I really wish they didn’t include this one. The movie probably entertains only a small niche of the population. And that is the small amount of people who like to see dead animals with googly eyes talk while a mouth narrates the whole time. Yes, creepiness, loud sound effects, and repetitiveness is the name of the game with this entry into the Lewis Carroll adaptation collection.

Like all of the other ones (most recently the Tim Burton one), Alice follows the young girl as she follows a rabbit in a waistcoat, into Wonderland where she meets various creatures including the Mad Hatter, a caterpillar, and the Red Queen. They all sound the same, but Alice is different. For one, there is only one human actress in the entire movie. Secondly, the dialogue is very minimal, and only spoken by one voice. Here we find, quite possibly, the most annoying thing in a movie ever, with that voice, and accompanied shot of the mouth stating whoever said what (“sighed Alice” “said the King stubbornly”, etc.). And finally the atmosphere is unlike any other Wonderland movie, where instead of a forest, the entire film takes place in a creepy run down house. The stop-motion for every creature, while cute at first, becomes tiresome and just makes you bored.

Am I glad I saw this? No, simple as that. There really isn’t any way to put a positive spin on this one. Sorry Jan.

My Rating: D

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