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Review: Midnight in Paris (2011)

It’s so rare to find a movie that isn’t a dumb comedy, a explosion laced action movie, or a tear jerking drama nowadays. It’s only after watching Midnight in Paris that I realized I was never on the edge of my seat, rolling on the floor laughing, or reaching for the kleenex. Yet, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Gil and Inez are engaged and tagging along with her parents to Paris. Gil (Owen Wilson) is a Hollywood writer who dreams of writing meaningful pieces of art, while Inez (Rachel McAdams) is the short-fused, my way or the highway bride-to-be. To escape from his Bridezilla in the making, the soon to be in-laws, and an annoying couple that overstays their welcome, Gil takes to walking the streets of the romantic city at night. One night, he realizes that for some reason, he has been transported to the “Golden Age”: Paris in the 1920’s. Here he meets his idols, like Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and T.S. Elliot. He also meets Adriana (Marion Cotillard), whom he quickly becomes infatuated with. The more time he spends in the 20’s the more he starts to raise suspicion amongst his own time, and he even learns a few things from himself.

This was surprisingly my first foray into the world of Woody Allen, and if his classic are as enjoyable as Midnight was, I’ll have to get on that immediately. Not only was Allen able to show off the wonderful world of yesterday, he was also able to get the viewer to think about life today, and how wonderful it is at the moment. Owen Wilson is bearable, and McAdams plays her part with snobbish perfection. Marion Cotillard, who I really only knew as the wife in Big Fish and the creepy ex in Inception is the real star of the show, unexpectedly showing off her acting chops. Midnight in Paris is labeled as a romantic comedy, but don’t make a mistake and shove it in the rom-com bin. It’s much better than you’d think.

My Rating: A-