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Review: My Left Foot (1989)

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Daniel Day Lewis, of There Will Be Blood fame, is a great actor. In my defense of that statement, I present My Left Foot as Exhibit A. If you are a fan of incredible acting, there is no way you want to miss out on this flick.

My Left Foot is based off of the autobiography of the same name by Irish author/artist Christy Brown. Christy, born with Cerebral Palsy overcomes not really having any control of his body (except for the aforementioned foot), and facing the world with the help of his family.

As you can see, the plot is kinda thin. Obviously, the thin plot only serves as a way to show off the rich acting performances. The family drama is both funny, hearwarming, and tear jerking. Led by Brenda Fricker as Christy’s mother, there are no bad performances in this family. And then there is not only Daniel Day-Lewis, but Hugh O’Conor as young Christy Brown, giving an eerily similar job of portraying the wheelchair bound artist.

My Rating: B+