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Review: Mirror Mirror (2012)

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I’d been hearing about Mirror Mirror since the beginning. I was excited when I heard Tarsem, one of the most visually impressive directors was doing a Snow White movie. I was nervous when I heard Snow White and the Huntsman was going up against it. And I was upset when both trailers came out. Yes, it is a kids movie plain and simple, with no enjoyment for the older.

By now you should know the basic premise. Evil Queen is ruling, step-daughter is rightful ruler, but locked up. She escapes, taken in by 7 dwarves and fights the power. Also, there is a prince involved.

Where should I begin? The weird love triangle between Armie Hammer, Julia Roberts, and Lily Collins separated by many years of living? The Saturday morning cartoon sound effects? The “did they really do that?” teeth sparkle? Any way you look at it, Mirror Mirror is pretty horrible. One of the most blaring problems was the sets. If you look at my favorite Tarsem film, The Fall, the sets are beautiful. This time around, we get the same patch of trees over and over again. The humor is juvenile, the romance is creepy, and the finale makes you happy (because you lasted through).

My Rating: D+


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