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Review: Adaptation (2002)

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I believe Nicolas Cage to be one of my least favorite actors of all time. His over the time lines, ridiculous movie choices, and rising hair line just bothers me for some reason. The only role I did not completely hate was that of National Treasure. So one movie doesn’t bother me out of his enormous filmography? Adaptation has two Nic Cage’s? Spike Jonze 2006 film doesn’t stand a chance, does it?

The plot of Adaptation is extremely hard to explain to those who have no idea. Nicolas Cage stars as Charlie Kaufman. Yes, the same Charlie Kaufman who wrote the screenplay for the movie itself. He is a screenwriter who is trying to adapt a novel for a movie, but along the way, writers block, stress, and other factors result in him adding himself to the movie. Throw in a twin brother, and you get what could possibly be the most “metta” movie ever made. Meryl Streep also stars as the author of the adapted book, and Chris Cooper as the subject of said book.

It’s not the brain teaser that Being John Malkovich is, and isn’t as touching as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but make no mistake, this is a Spike Jonze movie. It’s all in the plot, and realizing that the same process happened to the real Charlie Kaufman in writing this movie that makes it so genius. And there is plenty of action for it being a movie about a book about flowers. The acting is superb and Chris Cooper shows that he can act even without teeth. If you are familiar with Spike’s previous work and enjoy it, there is no doubt you’d enjoy Adaptation. For everyone else, it may not be for you.

My Rating: B


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