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Review: The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

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Bourne is back for more. Except this time, he’s doing the chasing himself.

Just be warned, I will most likely have some spoilers below.

Jason Bourne is living the life. Hot girlfriend, living in paradise, owns a scooter rental place. He’s got it all. Unfortunately, a botched C.I.A. mission that leaves 2 agents dead is framed to look like the work of Bourne. Plus, someone has found his paradise home and in a chase scene, ended up killing his girl. Now Bourne is mad. You don’t want Bourne mad. From here, he goes after the CIA, looking for answers about why they are coming after him and about his own past. Buckle up boys and girls.

First off, I was really mad when they killed off Marie (Franka Potente). As I said after watching The Bourne Identity, I was looking forward to see what they did with her character over the course of the 3 films. However, I can see why they chose to go this route, giving him drive to go after the CIA. When we lose, we also gain, as Joan Allen joined the cast as Pamela Landy. Brian Cox is back as well, playing the surprise villain Ward Abbott, excellently. Cons? Well the shaky cam thing is not my favorite. Other than that, there isn’t much to complain. Everything from the original is the same including the fight scenes, the chases, and the suspense.

My Rating: B+

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