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Review: The Terminal (2004)

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Hey, we all loved watching Tom Hanks unable to communicate with anyone in Cast Away, right? Let’s watch him as a foreigner in New York stuck in an airport!

Viktor Navorski, a native of a fictional Eastern European nation has just landed at JFK. However, during his time in the air, civil war has broken out in his land, and his visa is ultimately denied. Without a country to recognize, Viktor is unable to set foot on American soil until the conflict is resolved. Instead, he must stay in the terminal of the airport. Stuck without money, unable to communicate, and in a strange world, he makes the best of the situation, scheming ways to eat, making money, and even falling in love with a flight attendant.

I feel as though people love or hate Tom Hanks in this movie. I for one, thinks he portrays Viktor Navorski quite well. As for the movie that is quite similar to Cast Away (a man stranded from his home), it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s not for everyone. There are no explosions, hilarious moments, or whirlwind romance. But it is a sweet feel-good film. There are moments of chuckling, some tear-jerker parts, and a sweet naive romance as well. It’s not going to show up on any best of lists, but The Terminal shouldn’t be overlooked.

My Rating: B-


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