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Classic Review: Alien (1979)

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I’ve been pumped for Prometheus for a while now. Unfortunately I had never seen Ridley Scott’s original 1979 classic, or any of the other Alien films. So why not start at the beginning and see why fanboys were drooling when the first Prometheus footage hit the web?

Alien follows the crew of the Nostromo, a mining ship on its way back to earth. However, the ship awakes the crew well before its destination in order to look into a distress call from a nearby ship. They land, find some strange looking things, get freak out from a alien species and leave in a hurry. However, the danger was not left. Soon, the suspense part of the film begins and crew members begin to drop like flies. The real question is not who will survive, but will anyone be left?

Right off the bat, you know Alien is going to be nerve wracking. I mean, there is no dialogue or people until 6 minutes in! And when the crew does awake, there is tension in their relationships as well (some want more money, some are suspicious of others, etc.). As far as the “horror” aspect there wasn’t as much blood and guts as I thought, but when it does happen it catches you off guard. Many of the key moments were already familiar to me and it still surprised me. Alien doesn’t attempt to be philosophical or too smart for it’s britches, but it succeeds as a 90 some minute romp in space where the only objective is to find and kill this creature. I loved every minute of it, and it only makes my desire to see Prometheus stronger.

My Rating: A-


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