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Posters: Minimalism Is The Way

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If you haven’t seen a minimalist poster by now, you need to. With the rise of the “floating head” and mashups of scenes from the movie featured on a film’s poster, sometimes it’s nice to see the movie represented in a more abstract way. Using famous scenes, icons, and characters from the movie, minimalist posters have popped up all over the internet. I’ve been collecting my favorites for a little bit now from sites like Minimalist Movie Posters, and now I want to show them off.

Designers of these posters haven’t forgotten the silents, as seen by these designs for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and M. The Metropolis takes the more abstract route, while M shows off the iconic Peter Lorre and the striking image of a child in harms way.

The great Alfred Hitchcock isn’t left out either, as you can see for these posters for Dial M for Murder and Psycho. Psycho shows off it’s legendary shower scene while Dial M doesn’t even require the title to be shown.

This Old Boy design shows off the legendary hallway scene, while the Hurt Locker poster answers the age old question of “cut the red or green wire?”. And if you know anything about Rashomon, a great Kurosawa flick, you know that it is told in 4 different perspectives, making this version of its poster completely genius.

And finally I’ll leave you with these designs for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Moon, and 127 Hours. They’re just great to look at.


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