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Review: Big Fish (2003)

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Big Fish is one of my favorite movies. And it shows what Tim Burton can do if he tones down his “Burton-ess” a tad. But the combination of Burton and a story that gives your dad’s “one that got away” story to shame is a perfect mix. And proves he can have a movie without Johnny Depp.

The tale is that of a dying man’s life; told just like he described it, embellishments and all. But how much do these stories effect the lives of those close to them? The cutting between his past and present is completely dominated by the flashback as only Burton can do. From birth to death, every moment of Ed Bloom’s (Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney) life is fantastic and exists in a dreamlike world.

Don’t get me wrong Tim Burton’s fingerprints are all over Big Fish, but Helena Bonham Carter is no where to be seen and the goth atmosphere is nonexistent. In fact, I view this film as his best work since Edward Scissorhands. The reason why? It gets back to the modern fairy tale story that is so unique today. The characters exist in a realistic world, but are much more fantastic than we will ever meet. It’s a truly enjoyable movie to watch. In fact, despite all the great actors, the story is the true star of Big Fish, as much as the story was the star in Ed Bloom’s life.

My Rating: A


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