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Review: The Incredible Hulk (2008)

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Everyone can generally agree that Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk was not only a disappointment, but also a pretty terrible movie. So, 5 years later, Ed Norton is called in to give his interpretation of the gamma-ray poisoned Bruce Banner. Better?

With the TV show and the previous movie and the cartoons, most of you know the story of Bruce Banner. In an effort to test a gamma radiation experiment, Bruce becomes a hulking green monster, capable of just about anything when he gets mad (In this version the transformation only happens when his heart rate goes too high). After him is William Hurt as General Ross who’s main intention is to study him in order to weaponize the Hulk’s abilities and Tim Roth who has gotten ahold of some similar stuff. Oh, and Liv Tyler joins the party as the green monster’s love interest.

Like the 2003 version, The Incredible Hulk failed to captivate me, which is weird. I think Edward Norton was fine as Bruce Banner and did just as good as Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers. Only I enjoyed seeing what the Hulk was capable of in The Avengers ten times more. My hypothesis is, The Hulk simply is capable of carrying a film by himself (maybe the only thing he cannot carry). Small doses of him are key.

But back to the movie. Another key failure of the film is lack of chemistry between Norton and Tyler. I just don’t see it. How are we supposed to believe that Betty Ross is able to calm the Hulk down if we cannot honestly believe there is anything between her and Banner? On the action side of things, it’s pretty good. Nothing mind blowing or anything that leaves you speechless but solid action. Lastly, can we chill with the corny one-liners? There is good corny and bad corny. This was the bad corny.

My Rating: C+


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