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Review: Planet of the Apes (2001)

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Movie-goers are much smarter than they used to be back in the day. For instance you have to really wow them with a concept for them to spend their hard-earned cash on. These concepts need to be believable, based in science, yet have something thought-provoking to say. Which is why Tim Burton and his boo Helena Bonham Carter were able to get an audience to fork over their money to see Mark Wahlberg and some human like apes that speak. God bless the U.S.A.

In an effort to get a space chimp back from a certain death in space, a Air Force astronaut ends up on a strange planet. This planet is ruled by apes and the humans are the animals in this existence. The rebel soon causes an uproar in the system and attempts to escape to get back to his ship. Soon, not-so-twist endings are revealed, and the audience is supposed to be surprised.

The idea obviously worked in 1968 enough to warrant a complete franchise. And the idea worked enough in 2011 with James Franco. You would think that a Tim Burton monkey movie would work. His visual style is obvious in the ’01 disappointment, but the apes come off as too human like, the weird romance is just creepy, and the plot is blah. I really wanted to like it, but there wasn’t much humor, the action of sub-par, and the end just left me unsatisfied. Tim Burton, you have an excellent career, lets just pretend this never happened.

My Rating: C-


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