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Review: 50/50 (2011)

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Terminal illness might be the next great comedy genre (Funny People, anyone?). Okay, maybe I wouldn’t quite go that far, but 50/50 takes the reigns from Adam Sandler and Jonah Hill and gives them to the very capable hands of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen.

50/50 are the chances 27-year old Adam (Gordon-Levitt) has of surviving his newly diagnosed cancer. The movie follows Adam, best friend (Rogen), his mom (Anjelica Huston) and father (Serge Houde), girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard), and his still green shrink (Anna Kendrick). The effect not only deals with Adam’s body but his emotional state, and the well being of those around him.

Not many movies can take you on a emotional roller coaster (the good kind) that make you cry one minute than laugh the next. Yeah, Seth Rogen’s still annoying, but you see effort in his character. I myself have not had family members diagnosed, but I would to know their reaction to this film. It is quite honestly, a very brave film to make and it’s a testament to both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and writer Will Reiser (whom the story was based on) and their ability to turn what could be a very bleak and depressing story to life and make it true to life. It isn’t all rainbows and sugarplums (Anna Kendrick’s not-so perfect Katherine only adds to this), but that’s life.

My Rating: A-


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