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Review: Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

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Long before Cowboys & Aliens came out, I was excited but skeptical about the whole thing. I mean the pieces are there; Hans Solo and James Bond as cowboys who fight aliens? Count me in! But unfortunately, the line between cheesy and entertaining is thinner than I thought.

Arizona, 1873. A stranger (Daniel Craig) wakes up with no memories, beaten and bloody and a strange new device around his wrist. He goes into town and meets the crew: the doctor (Sam Rockwell), the spoiled brat (Paul Dano), his powerful father (Harrison Ford), and a mysterious woman (Olivia Wilde). They get into their scrapes but unfortunately they have to take a time out to deal with a small alien invasion. As memories soon return to the stranger, the town comes together to fight against a race that is lightyears ahead of them technologically speaking.

You know, sometimes cheese can be good. Like, “so bad it’s good” kind of thing. But Cowboys & Aliens isn’t bad enough to be entertaining, and takes itself too seriously to have any fun. And I think that is why C&A fails: It doesn’t have any fun. The cast should be amazing, Dano, Craig, Rockwell, but the plot holes and pure absurdity seem to suck any enjoyment out of it. So go ahead and watch it. Just don’t expect to be entertained.

My Rating: C-


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