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Review: Sin City (2005)

Remember, The Spirit? The completely forgettable 2008 movie was my first foray into that style that Sin City basically invented. While I enjoyed the look of The Spirit, the story was completely forgettable and the dialogue sometimes laughable. So now its time to see what a film with a distinct visual style looks like with a good cast and some great stories.

The plot(s), adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novels take the graphic to the extreme with several stories all happening around Basin City. We have a girl rescued from a molester, only for her hero to be framed. Also included a town run by prostitutes, an assassin who seduces before the kill, and a severely disfigured man out for revenge. They all don’t make sense now, but it isn’t too hard to follow and keeps it interesting.

So, that was pretty cool. Now I can see why The Spirit was made in the first place to try to capture the magic that Sin City had. I mean, what can I say about the visuals that hasn’t been said already. Simply awesome. It’s brutally violent, disturbing (Really, Elijah Wood?!?!), and pretty much kick-butt at all times. If that gets you excited, there is no excuse for you not to have seen Sin City. Oh and by the way, you get names like, Willis, Alba, Rourke, Del Toro, Owen, and the aforementioned Wood.

My Rating: A-


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