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Review: Moneyball (2011)

Moneyball is one movie I’ve been dying to see. My expectations were so unrealistically high, that no one could possibly reach them. In my mind, it was the Social Network (which I love), mashed with sports (which I also love), starring Brad Pitt (you get the idea).

Moneyball is based off a 2003 book by Michael Lewis, which follows the 2002 Oakland A’s baseball club and their General Manager, Billy Beane (Pitt). The team is poor and unable to compete with the big spenders like the Yankees and the Red Sox. Looking for a way to stay competetive, Billy finds stat nerd Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) who helps in finding quality players who have been deserted by other teams for a cheap price. Along the way, Beane also deals with stubborn manager, Art Howe (Phillip Seymour Hoffman), his daughter (Kerris Dorsey), and a slew of players (Chris Pratt, Stephen Bishop).

Don’t misplace Moneyball. It is not really a sports movie. There isn’t much action on the field, and if we see it, it is through actual footage or photoshoot like slow motion. Also, spoiler alert, the Oakland A’s have yet to win a World Series. So there isn’t exactly a whole lot of suspense. What it is, is a behind the scenes look in a big league clubhouse, and the stress that comes with it. Brad Pitt is at his usual best, Kerris Dorsey is a surprisingly good child-actor, and Chris Pratt and Jonah Hill come out of their comedy molds and give solid performances. But still something seems to lack. Perhaps my expectations were simply too high, but I wasn’t very satisfied when all was said in done. Solid movie, just not as good as advertised.

My Rating: B+


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