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Battle Royale: Mirror Mirror vs. Snow White and the Huntsman

Every few years, different studios have the same idea for a movie. While they happen separately, eventually it becomes a fight to see who will win in two categories, 1: to be the first to be released, then people think that the other movie ripped you off and 2: to be the better movie. Two examples immediately come to mind. The first, in ’98 was when Pixar came out with A Bug’s Life immediately after Dream Works released Antz. Obviously Pixar lost in the first category but won the more important second column. The second example happened this past year with Mila and Natalie going head to head with Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached. Now, in 2012 it looks like we’ll have the same kind of battle, this time with some very different takes on a classic fairy tale.

Mirror Mirror

When I first heard Tarsem (The Fall) was developing a Snow White movie, needless to say I was excited beyond words. His visual style telling a the story of Snow White was a match made in heaven. Before any of the trailers were released, I predicted Mirror Mirror would end up being the superior film. Then the trailer came out, and while I prefer the choice of Lily Collins as Snow White, I was very disappointed in the direction Tarsem seems to be taking with the movie. Obviously, they are going for more of the family audience, but some of those lines…really?!?!

In Theaters: March 16

Starring: Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane

Snow White and The Huntsman

With all of my attention going to Mirror Mirror, I didn’t rerally give the Huntsman any attention when I heard there was another Snow White movie in the work. That, plus it was going to star Kristen Stewart and was directed by an unknown (Rupert Sanders). Then the trailer dropped. Suddenly I was aware, this could possible be the better movie. Kristen Stewart barely speaks, Thor, I mean CHris Hemsworth is in superhero mode still, and Charlize Theron looks like the perfect evil queen. Add to that some jaw dropping visuals, and it looks like we might have a clear winner. But, it’s not over until we get to see both finished products.

In Theaters: June 1

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Ian McShane


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