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Review: King Kong (2005)

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I’ve heard of the 1930’s classic King Kong before. My view of it, however, only included the climatic Empire State building showdown featuring the giant ape and the airplanes. Man, I apparently missed a lot. Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake shows us just how much more there was to the story.

Depression-ridden New York City in the 30’s brings a brilliant writer (Adrien Brody), a cash strapped performer (Naomi Watts), and a director with visions of grandeur (Jack Black) and his assistant (Colin Hanks) together on a boat to film a movie. What they don’t realize is the strange island that they just landed on contains not only the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, but also a slew of other prehistoric beasts never thought to be alive. After losing Watt’s Ann, the crew stops at nothing to return her to the ship and back to NYC. Well, that’s the first half at least.

Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts, and Jack Black might be a bit of a strange combination, but the casting in Kong is no doubt, near perfect. Brody plays the silent genius thing perfect, Watts could be a dead ringer for a 1930’s starlet, and Black very well could be a person in showbiz on the verge of insanity. The thing is, though, acting doesn’t really play all that big of a role in Kong. The amount of action in Kong is right up there with Michael Bay. And as Transformers can tell you, that would normally be the kiss of death in a review. However, there is still plenty of emotion in that big ape’s final scene. Hats off to Peter Jackson, fresh off of Lord of the Rings to bring the action hammer down, but also to bring down a second, more tearful, emotional hammer on the viewers. Truly a spectacular homage to the 1933 classic.

My Rating: A


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