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Review: Swingers (1996)

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Like your movies slow on the plot and heavy on the characters? Swingers is for you.

Mike, played by actor/writer/director Jon Favreau has gotten out of a 6-year relationship and things still aren’t looking up for him. Luckily his night-life loving friends (Vince Vaughn and Ron Livingston) are there to push him out of his comfort zone and back onto the scene. Swingers follows him as he goes out night after night with drinks, women, and some male bonding. What else do you need?

I was a tad concerned going in. After all, movies from the 90’s really tend to date themselves. However, even with some really corny slang (“You’re so money, baby!”) I found myself really rooting for Mikey. I actually invested into him, and was elated, near the end, when it seems like things are going to be okay. When you think he might regress with his feelings towards his ex, I found myself cringing at the thought of him going back. Not many movies can do that to me. Favreau does a great job at showing the awkward, but very likable single guy in LA. It can be funny at times, but it’s not a punch you in the face with jokes comedy. Not really what I expected from the director of The Bourne Identity and Jumper, but I was very pleased by the end.

My Rating: B


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