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Review: The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)

My appreciation for the original Santa Clause is not unknown. And the sequel, easily would have been a honorable mention on my favorite holiday movies. Then I saw the third. In theaters. Big waste of money.

So apparently, the first two movies were a fluke! It’s hard being Santa! Especially now that he has in-laws! a wife! and a future baby! How does one person juggle this and deliver gifts to every child in the world? Well give up now, because its impossible. At least it is for Tim Allen Santa. But with another “clause” (see what they did there, again?), we get to see what the world would be like with Martin Short Santa! Can we regain our more beloved Santa? How will he ever deliver all of those packages on time? And why is Alan Arkin in this?

The thing about the original, and to a lesser extent, the sequel, was its originality. What if a normal person became Santa? Tim Allen, used to playing “the everyman” was perfect and it made a great movie. The Escape Clause simply rips of It’s a Wonderful Life, but doesn’t even do that well. We get to see what life would be like if Scott Calvin never became Santa, but it all seems rushed and we never really get any character development at all, except for the ending which everyone has a sudden change of heart. I think you might see my feelings toward this movie, but let’s just get to the rating anyway.

My Rating: D+


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