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Review: Sucker Punch (2011)

“You Will Be Unprepared” states the top of the poster for Sucker Punch. And honestly, I was. Picking up the movie on just limited ads and no preconceived notions proved to be a good thing in this CGI-packed action flick from Zack Snyder.

So this is kinda hard to explain without kinda spoiling it, so bookmark this, go watch it, then come back and finish reading. Done? Okay, so as you remember, Baby Doll, who’s mother and sister have died and been killed accidentally is admitted to a mental hospital. Then she finds herself in a brothel with 4 other girls with whom she concocts a way to escape. All she needs is 5 items that are within reach.

The first half hour or so of Sucker Punch is going to be a little hard to make sense of. From the era (1950’s?) to the way of the narrative, Sucker Punch takes getting used to. However, the more you go in, the more it make sense, and the more you find yourself immersed in this wonderfully constructed reality/fantasy. The method of the girl’s escapes takes place while Baby Doll dances and transports to different worlds where she must defeat the enemy and win the item. It has a real video game feel to it, from the “levels” to the “boss” to the “prize”. However, make no mistake, this is no popcorn, rock and sock ’em flick. The film’s Shutter Island like dark creepy feel, puts you right in the place of the mentally unstable. What’s real? What represents what? So many questions! But I do believe this film is more than meets the eye of lingerie + guns = movie.

My Rating: B+


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