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Review: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

It may not be as dangerous as Supersize Me or Where in the World in Osama Bin Laden, but make no mistake, Morgan Spurlock has another entertaining and informative documentary on his hands with his look into product placement and branding in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Sometimes it’s obvious, and sometimes its unnoticeable, but no matter how it’s done, product placement in movies and television is a big deal. This time around, filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock attempts to make a movie about product placement and advertising, using product placement and advertising to fund it. The process of making the movie is the movie. As one Jimmy Kimmel states, “It’s the Inception of documentaries”. The real intrigue is how much “artistic integrity” must he give up while trying not to “sell out”.

So can he fund a movie without “selling out”? Well, you might have to answer that for yourself after viewing, but I do know one thing. Morgan Spurlock can still make a entertaining movie, without getting into “annoying-Michel Moore” territory. Could it go deeper into the system? Probably. But it still has enough content to make you notice all that goes on behind the scenes without getting too technical and in-depth.

My Rating: B+

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