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Review: Limitless (2011)

While the whole “we only use a small portion of our brain” thing is a myth, we can’t say that a movie is impossible. After all, the movies is where a man with scissors for hands, a god who fights with a hammer, and animals talk happens on a regular basis. Why can’t we throw a Bradley Cooper in this ridiculous scenario?

So the aforementioned Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a struggling writer/ slacker who cannot even start his contracted book. However, after a chance run in with a former brother in law, he finds himself hooked on a drug that delivers an astounding focus. So much that he gets a hair cut, buys a suit, and starts playing the stocks. His meteoric rise catches the attention of mogul, Robert De Niro, who takes him under his wing as they take on the world. However, as his addiction to “NZT” increases more and more questions arise. Are people following him? How much more does he have? Why he is randomly blacking out for long periods of time?

The first thought that came to mind while watching Limitless was it’s uniqueness. It may not have the best acting, even with a vet like De Niro, but it was unpredictable for the most part. The experimental stuff, such as falling letters or his perception of stocks, brings you into his mind and how easy everything comes for him when he is on NZT. Another good detail is the difference when he is on and off the drug. When he’s off it, the world is dark and dreary, but pop a pill and the world get’s brighter (although the blue eyes could have been toned down a little). It’s not perfect, but it is entertaining, funny, and has some great action scenes.

My Rating: B+


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