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Review: Green Lantern (2011)

Maybe it was the lukewarm reviews, or maybe it was its name association with the Green Hornet. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t exactly super pumped to watch The Green Lantern. After all, how many superhero movies are enough?

This origin tale tells the story of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), a great, but reckless pilot. His attempts at fearlessness is what brings the ring of a dying alien to him. The ring chooses its wearer by their lack of fear. By getting the ring, Jordan becomes the first human in a league of protectors. While his race is looked down upon by the other lanterns, his humanity later comes in handy against an unstoppable force of fear.

Meh. That’s what I have to say. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t memorable. Meh. I will say Reynolds makes a great hero, and Blake Lively really exceeded my expectations. However, what I believe to be the whole shortcoming of Green Lantern is its underdevelopment and its alien nature. I believe every scene that happened off of the earth seemed to be completely un-relatable and just took you out of the moment completely. Secondly, what is really happening? We get no view of the Green Lantern outside of his small circle of associates. What about the citizens or the press? What do they think of this dude in green tights flying around? While they set up for a second movie quite nicely, perhaps they should have worked more to develop the story on the first one.

My Rating: B-


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