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Review: Arthur (2011)

One of my favorite things in the somewhat forgettable Adam Sandler film, Bedtime Stories was the inclusion of British comedian Russell Brand. But how much Brand is too much Brand in a feature length movie?

Arthur, a remake of the 1981 film, shows Brand showing off his acting chops as a spoiled, rich, child-like, spoiled alcoholic (I know, real stretch right there). Anyway, the pretty predictable plot plays just the way you think it would. Arthur, meets a girl, but there’s a catch. He is already engaged (forced by his mother for business reasons). He could just break off the wedding, but that would mean losing his families fortune. Gee, I wonder what will happen?

The biggest question with Arthur is who is the target audience? The entire thing brings to mind a kids movie, from Brand’s child-like demeanor to the fancy gadgets and other such things. However, the rampant drinking and bedding of women deters bringing your little sister to see it. The struggling of the demographic is the only thing stopping the 2011 version from being a surprisingly good movie. Take it one way, and you have a great kids movie, take it another, and you have Brand starring in another decent raunchy R-Rated comedy. Unfortunately the lack of direction leaves it kind of wafting in the middle.

My Rating: B-


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