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Review: Captain America- The First Avenger (2011)

In a world filled with tech laden superheroes (from Iron Man to Batman) as an oddly identifiable character in the Marvel universe. The ‘kid from Brooklyn’ tries the difficult task, much like X-Men: First Class, to put some heroes in the past and make it not cheesy.

Yup, it’s another origin story, this time we go back to Hitler’s reign, and America is looking for a hero to match up with the newly formed Hydra, led by the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving). Enter Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) scrawny frame. Thanks to some nice effects, we get used to this peanut of a man, who despite constant refusal, keeps trying to enlist in the Army. His transformation to this mammoth of a soldier is truly startling. Soon enough we meet the trio of Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones, and Hayley Atwell. Tucci, a German-born scientist takes Rogers under his wing and completely steals all of his scenes, while Jones plays his tailor made commanding officer. Atwell, does an adequate job as the love interest, although no crazy chemistry happens. Rogers transforms from a publicity figure who’s main concern is selling war bonds, to pretty much the best soldier of all time.

While it definitely has its moments of queso (Really former Nazi’s? The best salute you can come up with is just throwing up both arms instead of one?), Captain America is pretty settled in on reality. My biggest concern was the idea of a man in red white and blue with a giant shield in the middle of battle. To my surprise, I did not ‘zone out’ once during any scene to notice the absurdity of it all. Red Skull, who’s basically a glorified cartoon, while isn’t exactly memorable, he more than holds his own in the lore of superhero villains. My biggest problem with the First Avenger is that it got me more excited for another movie than itself. Right in the middle, I began to daydream of how Steve Rogers will interact with the likes of Tony Stark and Thor. So while it is a enjoyable movie, I think it to be more of a cog in the Marvel machine, than its own masterpiece.

My Rating: B+


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