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Review: Into the Wild (2007)

Every now and then a movie comes around, that should never be able to work. Whether it be too difficult to understand, boring, or whatever, there really shouldn’t be any reason for it to work. Think The Social Network; a movie about a the people who started facebook? Not exactly a guaranteed moneymaker. I would place Into the Wild in this kind of category.

The true story of Into the Wild follows recent college grad, Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) as he follows his dream to leave society and live off the land. His travels lead him to his goal of Alaska. Along the way, he meets plenty of interesting folks, including nudists, the border patrol, and a few hippies. Into the Wild follows in the footsteps of Easy Rider, showing us alot of traveling montages with a great soundtrack. Back at home, his sister (Jenna Malone) and parents go through the stages of grief while they wonder what has become Chris.

Into the Wild takes off at a slow pace, but builds up to a final 15 minutes that are as moving as any movie I’ve seen. Emile Hirsch definitely shows off his acting chops with this character study of a renegade sick of society and the social norms that we are so used to. You definitely catch glimpses of the reason he goes to the wilderness with some absolutely gorgeous shots of the good ole outdoors. Into the Wild wont beat you over the head with its excellence, but after thinking about the film a good 3 hours afterword, you can appreciate the great film that it is.

My Review: A


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