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Classic Review: Star Wars Episode IV- A New Hope (1977)

Yup, it’s the one that started it all. George Lucas’ bank account would never be the same after this space epic hit theaters and people ate it up. The problem is, with a movie so engrained in pop-culture and my own memories, how can you look at it objectively? Well, we’ll see if I can.

The bad guys have taken over, and now we find the good guys (the rebellion) trying to gain some ground. Orphan, Luke Skywalker joins elder jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, royal Princess Leia, and reckless pilot Han Solo to take down the newly built enemy base, the Death Star.

While there are some moments, dripping of pure cheese (basically anytime Luke speaks), A New Hope still stands as a really entertaining movie. Because of it’s original intention as being the one and only Star Wars film, it has a strangeness of being able to watch it and feel content. You don’t need to know how Darth Vader became himself, and the rest of the gang are pretty much being introduced to us for the first time. Even the ending is nice and neat. Although Darth flies out of the picture, there are no giant cliff hangers (helloooo Episode V!), and you get a feeling of completeness.

I’d like to think that I still enjoy A New Hope because it still a really entertaining movie, but the line of reminiscing and quality is just too blurry for me. HOWEVER, the argument that makes Ep. V really stinking good? It has Harrison Ford.

My Rating: B+

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