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Review: Happy Go Lucky (2008)

I’m sorry for comparing film after film to other films. Once you get to a certain point, things just seem to share qualities. Not copy, mind you, but just certain qualities and characteristics seem to show up several times. And Happy Go Lucky just seemed to have that Amelie vibe to it, going by the description of the movie. However, the similarities immediately stop once the movie actually starts.

Poppy is London school teacher, who’s attitude matches the title. While her life is surrounded with “adults” with real-world problems, Poppy seems to be living in her own world, void of any difficulty. But, of course, we soon start to question whether she is truly happy go lucky, or if it’s all just a front.

Did I like the movie? Ehhhhhhhhhhhh. Was it a pain to get through? Not at all. To me, it seemed like some very long BBC sitcom. And honestly, it could very well work as such. So I wouldn’t exactly go through any trouble of recommending this to anyone, unless of course, you have a passion for British comedies. So…….

My Rating: C


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