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Review: Star Wars Episode II- Attack of the Clones (2002)

So, Episode I was a big flop in my book, and the loss of Liam Neeson doesn’t help the pre-viewing outlook on Attack of the Clones, but added to the mix are Hayden Christensen, a much more sultry Natalie Portman, and the appearance of a computer generated Yoda.

Episode II takes place around a decade after Episode I, and we see how Anakin’s training under Obi Wan is going, Padme’s reign as Queen has ended and she is now in the Senate, and also the growing sense of fear in Anakin. As a Senator, Padme’s life has been filled with assasination attempts and Obi Wan turns on sleuth mode to find some answers. Meanwhile Padme and Anakin are out frolliking in fields, having a secret romance. Everything leads up to the large scale Clone Wars, later mentioned in Episode IV.

First things first, It was better than Phantom Menace. But quite honestly, watching Princess Diaries would have been more enjoyable than Ep. I again. I actually found this one really entertaining. The downside was again, the acting, this time around focusing on Hayden Christensen and his awkward delivery. But the action was finally somewhere to be found! The Gladiator-esque scene was awesome, and animated Yoda having a light saber battle was easily the most grin worthy moment in the new trilogy. The origin story of Boba Fett, through his father Jengo Fett was also pretty cool. So for all of it’s flaws, Attack of the Clones was still a solid movie; one actually worth the Star Wars name.

My Rating: B

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