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Review: The Living Wake (2007)

A lot of movies try to be different, but end up somehow just playing along the lines of movie made before them. In the 85+ movie I’ve reviewed on this site, or the many undocumented ones I’ve seen, I have never experienced anything like The Living Wake.

K. Roth Binew (Mike O’Connell) is a self proclaimed author, artist, and overall genius. Like the movie, he is very strange, and not understood by most of his peers. His only friend in the world is his young driver/assistant/mentoree, etc, Mills (Jesse Eisenberg). K. Roth has been diagnosed with a fatal disease leaving him time to plan his own finale goodbye to the world with a living wake.

Seriously, I’ve never seen anything quite like The Living Wake, and about 94% comes from Mike O’Connell. Most people will love or hate his performance, which fills up the entire movie. The beginning, which felt rather gimmicky, soon moved to the present day, when I realized that the whole movie was going in this direction. I might be one of the few on the fence for it, but it didn’t sway me either way. There were parts where I was laughing out loud, and others when I was scratching my head wondering how something like this got made.

My Rating: C+


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