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Review: Source Code (2011)

Duncan Jones is turning out to be quite the director. His breakout ’09 feature debut “Moon” came out of nowhere to bring a breath of fresh air to the sci-fi genre, and with Source Code, he had some star power with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal), a Army chopper pilot wakes up on a train. Except he isn’t really in his body, but in someone else’s. He doesn’t know how or why he is there, and as viewers, we are in the same boat. Fortunately answers slowly come trickling in. We find out that he is one of the few people that “The Source Code” works with, and how he is trying to find the culprit of a train bombing that happened earlier in the morning. Yup, Stevens is replaying the same 8 minute span over and over, ala Groundhog Day, until he can find the guilty party. This leads to some humorous situations, some racial profiling, and even more questions unveiling themselves.

!Significant Spoilers Below!

So the ending is where most people are split (reminds me of Skyline in that sense). The first ending we see, is Colter is sent back one last time, so he at least can have his happy ending. He kisses the girl, and it looks like he might be stuck there, forever, in time. I call this the romantic ending. We can all agree that this is a horrible ending, and it would have ruined the entire movie for me. But we soon learn that, somehow he keeps living. Even after the 8 minute interval is past, Donnie Darko still exists! So, of course, he goes on a date! So, here we have another ending. Better than the first? Kinda. Still ruins the movie? I think so. Finally, Duncan Jones is able to tie it all together by having him send a text to the control, who have just learned that the bomb never went off. So, here he is able to go back in time and prevent as many crimes as he is sent on, without them even knowing. Confusing? Of course, especially if you haven’t seen it. Yes, there are alot of plot holes, and some might call it a cop-out. But I loved it. Didn’t see it coming, and had an Inception-like retention period, where I kept thinking about it afterwards.

My Rating: A


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