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Review: Skyline (2010)

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Nobody will ever say that there haven’t been enough alien invasion movies released recently. While previous generations would have to wait years for good ones to come out (E.T., Close Encounters, Independence Day, etc.), we have had plenty of good stuff just recently. Off the top of my head I think of District 9, Monsters, Battlefield LA, and the recently released Cowboys & Aliens. So the real question is, does Skyline do enough to make a name for itself among this crowded mess of little green men?

Skyline is alot like Cloverfield, as far as the group of young, good looking young adults trying to survive their world being destroyed. The difference is these aliens use blue lights to draw people in, where they use the humans brains as their life force. A large portion of the movie I was amazed. Amazed in the fact, that I didn’t know movies could switch from “Holy crap!” effects to daytime soap opera dialogue and acting. I really wanted to like this one. The effects really were good, and the mere scale of the alien attack, as far as people taken, was enormous. But, wow, those deliveries by these actors was bad.

*Spoilers Below*

So I was all prepared to give Skyline a decent C rating. But then, after I thought the movie was ending, something actually happened that piqued my interest. I was about to write off, two main characters being abducted as a somewhat original ending (hey! they both died for once!), but it still wasn’t anything really original. Then, we wake up to find that we are in the mothership. And somehow, handsome hero man’s brain has been inserted into hideous monster! Now, he is free to rescue his pregnant woman, and take on the horde. The end. I know a bunch of people online have gone on the record as hating this ending, while it had some pining for a sequel. Let me just say that I didn’t see it coming, and I love open-endings. So with that fantastic finish, it bumped my rating up somewhat.

My Rating: B-


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  1. Thank you for reviewing this with an open mind! They didn’t make this movie with an Oscar in mind, they made it to prove a point. A movie with great FX can be made and be watchable for 1/4 or less of the standard blockbuster. They proved their point and then some. They made a huge profit!

    Given the script the acting was very good, they did their best with very little. It all has to be taken in context.

    I also loved that surprise ending. It was great. My son and I walked out of the theater wanting to buy this movie. We do now have it.

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