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Review: Meet the Parents (2000)

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Robert De Nero,  one of the greatest actors in our time, playing a protective father in a comedy? Still there?

Ben Stiller is Greg Focker. He plans to marry his girlfriend Pam (Terri Polo). The only problem is, he has to ask Pam’s father Jack (De Niro) for his permission. Oh, and he is a ex-CIA agent, and overall, the most overprotective father you can imagine. Of course, disaster after disaster occurs, to the bemusment of the audience, as Greg looks worse and worse in the eyes of Jack.

It is a comedy, so there are some really cheap jokes (We get it. His last name is Focker, which sounds alot like something else.), but surprisingly, the Stiller-De Niro combo actually works quite well. De Niro, as movie watcher know, can be very intimidating, which lends itself perfectly to the very scary father figure he portrays in Meet the Parents. Stiller, a very love/hate actor, gives a convincing understated performance as the one who just wants to make a good impression. The whole thing is one very awkward situation after another, if those movies where nothing seems to go right are your thing, this is right up your alley.

My Rating: B-


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