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Top Three: 1931

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Say you’re putting 3 movies from each year in a time capsule. What ones would you want people to see? Forget critical acclaim. Forget the critics in general, what are the three best movies from that year? Today, the list is all classic in each genre: Horror, comedy, and suspense.

3. Frankenstein

The monster movie itself really owes everything to this ’31 classic. Boris Karloff brought the giant green monster to life and we can’t forget him since then. Although most people haven’t seen the whole movie, or even have never seen any of it, everyone knows about Frankenstein.

2. City Lights

To be included in my top 5 Chaplin films, you have to be pretty good. And in City Lights, Charlie is at his heart-tuggin’ best. Falling for the blind girl who later leaves him after she can see has melodrama all over it. But Chaplin makes it work, by making it funny and touching. Classic tramp.

1. M

I’ve already professed my appreciation for this movie and am currently looking to buy the criterion DVD of it. Not only is it a breakthrough in many familiar aspects of movies today, but it is a really moving and powerful film. Don’t let the whole child murderer plot scare you away from watching this extraordinary classic.


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