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Review: Blade Runner (1982)

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Many consider Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece to be the greatest entry into the science fiction movie lexicon. Even surpassing classics like Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, and of course Star Wars. After viewing for the first time, no doubt it is up there are far as creating a strangle new world, and simply innovative ideas put forward in the film, but the greatest scifi movie ever? Well…..

It’s 2019 and Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a former Blade Runner. You see, we’ve created duplicates to do the stuff that no one likes. They are identical to humans except for the fact they cannot have emotions. Blade Runner’s  jobs are to eliminate all replicants that escape from their work planet back to earth. Three, exceptionally smart ones have escaped and this is why Deckard is sent back on the job.

The not-so-distant world of Blade Runner itself, makes it one of the greats. Instead of that clean “apple computer-like” future we often see, this world is old and dirty. Even the tech, although brand new to us, is rusty, worn down, and generally about as un-new as you can get. The mood is also what works for Blade Runner; It is creepy as any movie atmosphere. Take for example the final chase that begins with Ford looking for a replicant among a room full of creepy realistic dolls. Just plain disturbing.

My problem with Blade Runner it seems, is the story. To me, the movies seems like a camera was dumped into the future and recorded this. The premise just doesn’t seem too “movie-ish” to me. I know that sounds vague and confusing, but it didn’t have that big premise that Star Wars did. Some might like that fact that is really realistic and not very grandiose.

My Rating: A-


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