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Review: The Last Airbender (2010)

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Complete and utter crap. M. Night Shyamalan has completely lost it. Horrendous acting. Multiple Razzie winner, including Worst Picture.

All of that is what I had heard about Shyamalan’s attempt at bring Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender to live action reality. Why would I possibly watch this movie after hearing such things? Well, call it curiosity. No movie could really be that bad, could it?

Okay, so the plot revolves around the 4 nations that populate the earth: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. They are kept in balance by the Avatar, who can control all 4 elements as well as communicate to the spirits of each nation. Unfortunately, the Avatar has not been seen for 100 years, in which the Fire Nation has begun to take over. When two kids from a small Water village discover a boy with strange tattoos frozen in ice, the puzzle pieces begin to fall together.

The cartoon series has three seasons or chapters. The movie, which covers the first chapter could possibly be the first and last Avatar movie made for a long time due to the response of M. Night’s work. The whole plot, as mentioned in the paragraph above, completely piques my interest. And, surprisingly, I kinda enjoyed the movie. I can see how there is really bad acting and a subpar script. But the backdrop, action sequences, and especially the special effects were really good in my book. For the same reason I hated Transformers 3 (Great action followed by bad acting), I liked The Last Airbender. Perhaps it was due to the low expectations, but I thought it was a fun ride, and had me wanting more.

My Rating: C+


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