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Review: Precious (2009)

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Precious: possibly one of the most uncomfortable situations ever put to film. It seems as if everything bad that could happen to 16 year-old Precious Jones does. You name it, she goes through it; obesity, illiterate, raped by her dad, daughter with Down Syndrome, pregnant with a second child, and AIDS all are involved with the ’09 hit.

Besides the above mentioned “situations”, we also get some very famous people. Mo’nique, Mariah Carey, and Lenny Kravitz all have roles; most very good. Mo’nique has a gutsy performance as Precious’ abusive mother. She starts out as one of the most easily villified characters in recent memory, which leads to a emotional breakdown explaining the reasons for her actions. Kravitz does an okay job playing the nurse that Precious and her classmates befriend. With Carey, the initial thought is, “Hey look! It’s Mariah Carey!” After that thought passes, her job is, well, not terrible, but not going to win any awards soon.

As for the lesser known stars of the film, they did even better. Gabourey Sidibe needles the line between good and great in the titular role. For the most part she does a good job as the emotionally-bottled up teen with her world in shambles. However, she never really brings it during her character’s breaking point. Not to forget about Paula Patton, who as the teacher who puts Precious under her wing, does a flawless job portraying the mentor.

This movie, as you can probably tell by the review, is all about the acting. There are some other parts that I thought it could do without (the dream/ fantasy sequences), but I thought it was a very good overall movie.

My Rating: B+


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