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Review: Naked Lunch (1991)

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It may not be on the level of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as far as bizarre and weird goes, but Naked Lunch does have its moments. It’s gruesome, strange, and slimy. Unfortunately, all of those things don’t usually add up for a great movie.

Unlike Fear and Loathing, Naked Lunch has a something resembling a plot. Bill Lee, an exterminator, has recently begun to take the very substance that kills the unwanted pests after his wife convinces him to try it. From there, his typewriter comes to life as a giant cockroach and instructs him in going over to “Interzone” some desert laden alternate reality filled with all types of bugs, and apparently lots of homosexuals. Lee, when he finally comes to on our side of things, finds out he is writing a book called “The Naked Lunch” and promptly heads back over to Interzone to finish the work. That’s the basic plot, but there is plenty that I could put, but wouldn’t make to much sense here.

Although the confusion died down alittle as I went further and further into Bill Lee’s strange world, the grossness didn’t. You wouldn’t think a typewriter that has a talking anus wouldn’t be the worst thing, but I was very surprised when a centipede later rapes a man in a cage. I can’t state this enough, this movie is bizarre. It is most definitely not for everyone, and I would advise the feint of heart to stay away. I found myself turning away every now and then.

My Rating: C


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