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Review: Seven Pounds (2008)

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I’ll just say it, get out your tissues now, and prepare for the water works. With the same director and star of tear jerker, The Pursuit of Happynes reuinting to tell the story of a man haunted by an event that drives him to greatly effect the lives of those around, you already know what you’re getting into, emotionwise.

Will Smith plays a man struggling with depression over some mysterious event in his past. His way to deal with the pain he suffers is to help those around him. Smith is at his dramatic best here, showing with every wince and lip quiver, the struggle of a man burdened by his past mistake. Obviously, I don’t think I should give too much away, but just know that Smith, Rosario Dawason, and even Woody Harrelson make a near perfect drama, starting with a mysterious first act, all leading up to a powerful finish that will have your face leaking.

My Rating: A


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