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Review: Surfwise (2007)

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Some stories are just too unreal to be made up. The story of the Paskowitz family is one of those. Leaving his job as a doctor behind, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz packed his family (which grew to 9 children) in an RV and just lived life. They travel ocean to ocean surfing, and learning about the world by living it. However, not everything is fine and dandy. At what risk is Doc willing to put his children’s well being in the name of “Clean Living”?

My opinion of Doc was constantly changing throughout the course of Surfwise. At some points I was in awe of his commitment to stop staring at screens and go out and live. Then there were times when I despised him, when he showed his dictatorship style of parenting, and stripping his kids of any formal education. Like most, his life and the decisions he made were flawed at times. Nobody’s perfect. And this is a great look into an absolutely mesmerizing family dynamic that doesn’t happen very often.

My Rating: A


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