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Review: The Spirit (2008)

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The Spirit, from Frank Miller, follows the success of his previous hits such as Sin City and 300. However, The Spirit is almost universally viewed as a bust. Would my eyes, which haven’t seen any of Miller’s work, come to a different conclusion?

The Spirit, based on the graphic novel, is former cop Denny Coles (Gabriel Mache) who, after an injection from the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson), is brought back to life with an air of invincibility about him. With his new-found life, he lives on fighting crime as “The Spirit”. Now he must face former-girlfriends, Nazi’s and other nuisances in this somewhat campy superhero movie.

Because I had never seen 300 or Sin City, I was blown away by the visual style of the movie. Another reason the movie was so good looking was there was enough enough eye candy to give your sockets a cavity. Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, and Paz Vega all star as The Spirit’s lady friends. But besides the look of the film, it just doesn’t seem there is much at stake in the movie. And why Nazi’s? Yes, they always make excellent villains, but this seems like it was just thrown it last second.

My Rating: C-


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