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Review: The Final Cut (2004)

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I have recently passed my exam that makes me “Apple-Certified” in their video editing program Final Cut Pro. Obviously when I saw that there was a movie with a title like that, my interest was piqued. After reading the summary, I was interested even more.

Robin Williams plays Alan Hakman, a “cutter”. You see, in this near-future setting, some people have implants that allow their memories to be recorded. As a cutter, Hakman is the one that edits those memories to be viewed at “rememories”, a type of memorial service. There are it’s detractors though. Some people think it is unethical and hold the cutters as playing God, where no one should be able to see people’s lives like that. A high profile life to edit and his own dark childhood memory all culminate in a chase with Jim Caviezel of all people.

The idea of the movie is brilliant. I applaud everyone involved in getting this film made. For a Hollywood movie to be original and interesting and not be a sequel or based off of something is rare. BUT… The hour and a half run time is not nearly enough time to fully let this story develop. We see Hakman’s one childhood memory, and are wisked to his current position and then rushed into the final showdown. The ending is rough and underdeveloped. It make’s you say, “huh?” and not the good way like The Prestige did. Honestly, I think I may have been better just hearing the plot and never seeing the actual movie.

My Rating: D+



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  1. An excellent movie! I loved it! It seems very logical, real-life. Nothing seems far-fetched…


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