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Review: Clerks (1994)

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With any director, the first film is probably the hardest. For Kevin Smith, alot was riding on Clerks and whether it would be successful or not. In fact, he sold comic books, maxed out credit cards and borrowed money from friends and family just to get enough money to shoot the ’94 black and white comedy.

Clerks, following in the footsteps of Richard Linklater’s Slacker, follows the exploits of New Jersey mini-mart and video store clerks, Dante and Randal. In this ordinary day, they slog through their work, finding time to attend wakes, play a game of hockey on the roof, and work on their relationship problems. There isn’t necessarily one storyline in the film. Like any normal day, we just follow along, seeing what will happen next.

Obviously, it was a miracle this was even made. It may not have the polish and action of other comedies today. In fact, some scenes the acting is downright horrible, and the quality is far from the best. However, this was an enjoyable film. I wouldn’t put it near any of my favorites, but it was good for a few chuckles. Is it worth all of the hype from the Kevin Smith fanboys? Not in my book, but I didn’t feel like I am worse off for seeing it.

My Rating: C+



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