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Classic Review: Man with the Movie Camera

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Man with the Movie Camera is unlike any movie I’ve ever seen; silent or otherwise. The very beginning states how different it will be. There is no script, actors, or even title cards for this silent masterpiece. What it is, is just a camera man filming, editing, and later showing his movie on life in Russia. The beauty of it is that it says so much, without any words. One sequence in particular compares the poor and rich, death and life, marriage and divorce. It does so, so beautifully, without the need for narration or big-budget actors.

Another reason to watch this landmark film was all of the different techniques, filmmaker Dziga Vertov shows off. In fact, it could very well have been an exhibition to all directors on what was possible with making a movie. He uses slow motion and freeze frames. He speeds up the film and uses stop motion during certain sequences. And finally, his use of double exposure is quite innovative.

My Rating: A-


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