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Classic Review: Charade (1963)

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Charade was the last hurrah for then 59-year old Cary Grant. Not, mind you, for his career in film, but as the romantic lead. The one everyone fell for in His Girl Friday and Bringing Up Baby. Of course, Grant went out with a bang, co-starring in the romantic/comedy/thriller with a 26-year old Audrey Hepburn (That’s right, a 26 year difference).

The plot, straight out of Hitchcock lore, is that of Hepburn’s character, a widow, who learns her husband was in possession of a lot of money. Everyone is after it: the government, the men who stole it with him, and Cary’s character. The only problem is, no one knows where the money is. Not to spoil things, but there are many twists and turns along the way, including numerous identity changes. The people after the money are eliminated one by one, leaving only two remaining. Duh Duh DUHHHH!!!!!

There’s no denying that having two of the most mesmerizing faces of the cinema in the same movie automatically makes it a good film. Grant is at his charming best, while Hepburn still has plenty of sizzle in her thirties. The real surprise for me is Walter Matthau who plays his role excellent. My two problems with the film were, ironically, with the beginning and the end. The beginning seems to take forever to take off. About thirty minutes in I was finally in to it. Secondly, the film ends like some sort of TV show with a “different” way of editing. Well, some might call it different, I’ll call it clumsy.

My Rating: B


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